HRO2GO brings simplicity and significant savings – at no cost to our clients.

As experts in HR Outsourcing, we guide clients through the maze of possibilities. We assist them with their evaluation and selection of the right vendor to meet their needs, delivering the right solutions with no extra fee for our consultancy.


HRO2GO services start with an initial consultation with a prospective client to learn about their company’s needs, both now and in the future, and to discuss what options are available for them in the US (and internationally if they have foreign workers) in the field of HR Outsourcing. Domestically, the two main types of HRO providers are PEO (Professional Employer Organizations) and ASO (Administrative Services Organizations). We help our clients determine if a PEO or an ASO might be advantageous for them, and if yes we help help them determine which one, two, or three service providers would be the best potential match to meet their particular needs.


If a client agrees it would be worth their time to evaluate HR Outsourcing for their company, then HRO2GO takes the lead in guiding them through a proven evaluation process. Without our help, clients would find the evaluation process overwhelming and overly time-consuming. Based on our many years of experience, we guide our clients through the evaluation process so that their experience is smooth and efficient, and it leads to the best possible options for our clients to choose from.


HRO2GO pre-negotiates favorable pricing and terms for our clients. When it’s time to make a decision, we help our clients analyze the HRO proposals and select the best HR Outsourcing company to meet their needs. Furthermore, we provide assistance with the transition to the service provider as well as afterward on an on-going basis.

HRO2GO never charges clients for services. If a client chooses to move forward with one of the HR Outsourcing providers, that provider pays us. If a client decides to not move forward, there is still no charge. Our mission is to find the best HR solution for our clients, whatever it may be.