Providing HR solutions to over 1,500 companies

Since 1998, Ray Karno and Doug Bailey have excelled at bringing big-company advantages to small and medium-size businesses.

Together, this team has amassed decades of experience in guiding more than 1,500 companies in the process of outsourcing their HR functions.

HRO2GO provides simplicity and significant cost savings to our clients. As experts in HR Outsourcing, we consult our clients through the maze of possibilities. We assist them with their evaluation and selection of the right vendor to meet their needs. HRO2GO receives compensation from its vendors, so we never charge our clients. Instead, we help our clients save money.

It is our number one priority to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with their outsourced HR services. We commit 100 percent of our efforts to helping our clients choose the optimal HR Outsourcing company to meet their specific needs.

The HRO2GO Difference

Decades of experience and expertise in HR Outsourcing separate HRO2GO from other HR Outsourcing Brokers and Consultants. We are not a group of Insurance Brokers who are suddenly adding HR Outsourcing to the list of products/services we are selling. Instead, our only business is, and always has been, matching our clients with the right HR Outsourcing Services provider.

There are approximately 1,000 HRO companies in the U.S. to choose from, and the majority of them, quite frankly, should be avoided. Even though these HRO companies might have the best of intentions, it is a daunting task to provide excellent HR and Administrative Outsourcing services to hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of unique customers. To be proficient in this business an HRO company must have superb systems, highly motivated and empowered employees, and an unwavering commitment to providing extraordinary customer service.

At HRO2GO we have selected a stable of the top ten, financially sound, HR Outsourcing providers that consistently deliver excellent and reliable service. In addition, we continuously monitor the dynamic landscape of HRO to determine which companies are superior for meeting the needs of our various types of clients. One more advantage we bring to our clients: we have established pre-negotiated, favorable pricing and terms with these HRO service providers.

The bottom line: by engaging with HRO2GO, our clients save time and money, and they are matched with the best HR Outsourcing provider to meet their needs.